Emergency Dentist vs. Emergency Room Hackensack NJ

Emergency Dentist vs. Emergency Room

Emergency Dentist vs. Emergency Room Hackensack, NJ

Emergency Dentist vs. Emergency Room Hackensack, NJ

A dental emergency may arise any day at any hour and limit your daily life. People experiencing dental emergencies may sometimes get confused about whether they should go to an emergency dentist or an emergency room. Although most of the time an emergency dentist alone can be the right solution for a dental emergency, some situations need to be treated in an emergency room. In this article, we will inform you about in which situations you should go to an emergency dentist for emergency dental services and in which situations you should go to an emergency room.

Over 90% of the time, an emergency dentist is a right choice when a dental emergency occurs. Emergency dentists are able to cope with and treat a large variety of dental emergencies and provide various dental services. The most common emergencies that you can get treatment for at an emergency dentist are:

  • Chipped or Broken Tooth
  • Dislocated Tooth or Teeth
  • Bleeding
  • Dental Cap, Veneer, Implant, or Bonding Loss
  • Gum Abscess
  • Swelling Around the Teeth, in Cheeks, or Gums
  • Pulp Infection
  • Tooth Loss

These complications can be treated at an emergency dentist within or out of office work hours. Although emergency rooms are more accessible most of the time, the right choice in one of the situations above is to find and visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Visiting an emergency room in these situations doesn’t only make you lose time, but it also makes other patients with emergencies and ER experts lose time.

Emergency dentists are trained to cope with several dental emergencies at once, which means you will be in safe hands once you enter the dental clinic. You can rest assured that the dentist will do their best to treat your emergency as soon and slightly as possible. Your emergency will be prioritized both during and out of work hours once you enter the dental clinic and inform the staff about the situation. A dentist will be assigned for your emergency and they will start your treatment right away.

However, there might be times that may require visiting an ER rather than an emergency dentist. Although most of these situations would be obvious, such as having a car accident, there might be times that you would think that you need to see an emergency dentist, although you need to visit an emergency room. Some of the examples of such situations are:

  • When the patient experiences trauma to the face
  • When multiple complications are not related to dental complications
  • When you can’t access an emergency dentist

Most dental clinics have special emergency phone numbers that are accessible and you may find these numbers online by searching the dental clinics near your location.

If you are near Hackensack, New Jersey, and experiencing a dental emergency, you may call us at 201-457-1010 and visit us right away. At Gentle Dental Service, our experienced and talented emergency experts will begin your treatment instantly and will make sure that you get the best treatment you can.