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Gum Contouring

Gum Contouring Hackensack, NJ

Most of the patients visiting our Gentle Dental Service dental clinic at Hackensack, New Jersey for a smile makeover or similar cosmetic dental procedures are surprised to hear that there is a cosmetic dental procedure called gum contouring. We recommend this procedure for some of our patients who want to change the appearance of the lower parts of their teeth or their gums.

What is gum contouring?

Gum contouring, also known as gum shaping, is a cosmetic dental procedure that is carried out to change the appearance of one’s gums. Gum contouring can be carried out due to several reasons, most of which are aesthetic concerns. Although gum contouring is generally a cosmetic dental procedure, it can also be carried out in order to relieve discomfort or treat dental conditions in some cases.

Gum contouring is usually carried out to remove excessive gum in a specific area that causes a “gummy smile”, correcting the look of the teeth by reducing the gum covering the teeth, or restoring the gum that is missing and creating an unpleasant appearance on the tooth.

After your gum contouring procedure at Gentle Dental Service clinic in Hackensack, New Jersey, you will be recommended to avoid consuming hard and crunchy foods, and consume soft foods and lots of fluids instead, for the first few days.

How much is gum contouring?

Gum contouring can be said to be a pretty standard procedure that isn’t open to much adjustment. While it can be carried out with different aims or desires, the procedure itself is very plain, and it doesn’t have a large price range. Nevertheless, a gum contouring procedure at our Gentle Dental Services dental clinic in Hackensack, New Jersey can have different prices so it is better to ask one of our dentists during your examination about the price of your treatment.

Gum contouring is mainly a cosmetic dental procedure, which means it isn’t usually covered by dental insurance. But in some cases, gum contouring or gum shaping procedure may be required because of the restricting amount of excessive gum which obscures the patient from being able to eat, drink, and speak comfortably. In this case, after the condition is examined and reported by a dentist, the patient may be able to benefit from their insurance regarding their gum contouring procedure.

Does gum contouring hurt?

Gums are actually one of the most sensitive areas in our bodies. However, a gum contouring procedure will not cause any pain or discomfort during your procedure, since your Gentle Dental Service dentist will apply local anesthesia before they start the procedure. After your gum contouring procedure, you may experience mild pain and discomfort, fading away in about a week. However, the amount of pain and discomfort you will experience after your gum contouring procedure will be very mild, and you won’t have any difficulties in speaking, eating, or drinking due to this pain and discomfort.

For further information about gum contouring or other dental procedures carried out in our clinic, you can call us at 201-457-1010, or you can visit us in our Gentle Dental Service clinic, in Hackensack, New Jersey.

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