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Zirconia Crown

Zirconia Crown

What is a zirconia crown? A zirconia crown is a type of dental treatment that is carried out to protect the damaged tooth or improve the look of the tooth. It is basically a covering that is made of zirconium oxide and is applied to the surface of a tooth. Zirconia crowns are highly popular with patients that don’t want […]


Dental implants

There are some diseases or injuries which may lead to a complete tooth loss. A lost tooth might generate some major complications such as changes in chewing patterns, defective speech, or rapid bone loss. These are very serious problems that affect one’s quality of life as well as their health by resulting in discomfort. If you have experienced these complications, […]

dental braces new jersey

Dental Braces

Most of us had orthodontic treatment when we were growing up but do we know why? It may seem that the only purpose for dental braces would be cosmetic reasons. However, the results such as straightening and improving bite affect one’s oral health greatly. What are dental braces types? As the technology evolved, the number of available dental braces options […]

What is dental bonding

What is dental bonding?

Your teeth are naturally very strong because of their enamel but there are many ways that a tooth can chip or crack such as banging them on a glass bottle, during child-birth, or chewing ice cubes. A chipped, cracked, or discolored tooth can be restored by a common procedure called dental bonding in which a composite resin is applied to […]

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Everyone desires their smile’s best version. Apart from taking good care of your teeth and dental health, there are some cosmetic procedures and treatments your dentist can refer you to improve your smile. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures carried out at our Gentle Dental Service clinic in Hackensack, New Jersey to improve one’s appearance. […]

Gum Contouring Hackensack, NJ

Gum Contouring

Most of the patients visiting our Gentle Dental Service dental clinic at Hackensack, New Jersey for a smile makeover or similar cosmetic dental procedures are surprised to hear that there is a cosmetic dental procedure called gum contouring. We recommend this procedure for some of our patients who want to change the appearance of the lower parts of their teeth […]

Partial Dentures for Back Teeth

Partial Dentures for Back Teeth

Most patients that visit our Gentle Dental Service clinic think that dentures complete rows of artificial teeth that can only be used when one doesn’t have any teeth left on their upper or lower jawbone. However, contrary to popular belief, there is a type of denture that is called partial dentures, which can be used to replace a couple of […]

How to stop a toothache Hackensack

How to stop a toothache?

Apart from a very few people probably with magical powers, we mortal humans have had a toothache at some point in our lives. When there is irritation in or around the root of a tooth, it causes a toothache. If the source of the pain is serious such as dental cavities, trauma, or infection, you should see a dentist as […]

tooth cavity Hackensack

What is a tooth cavity?

Good oral care is not just for the health of your gums and teeth but also your overall health since your mouth is the entryway for your digestive and respiratory tracks. Because the outer layer of teeth is consistently in contact with bacteria, they turn sugar into acids. In addition to this, we consume acidic food and beverages. This acidic […]

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