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A Warm Welcome and a Beautiful Smile

With a team of Dentist Hackensack, we keep our clients at priority and offer great quality dental services.

Oral care is about both health and appearance as a beautiful and healthy smile affects several aspects of our lives. We believe that every treatment starts with understanding our patient’s wants and needs and continues with curating a comprehensive roadmap for the best solution regarding our patient’s health and lifestyle. We have patients of all ages from the Hackensack area.

Gentle Dental Service is located at 32 Anderson St, Hackensack, NJ. We are currently accepting new patients, and you can schedule an appointment by calling 201-457-1010 or clicking here.

Patient Information


Pain Concerns

We understand that you may have concerns about pain and discomfort and we work carefully to minimize pain. At your meeting with Dr. “Morcos”, your pain tolerance will be discussed and a pain management plan tailored to your needs will be confirmed.


Initial Examination

You can expect your first exam to be an hour-long session. This initial examination is about getting to know your questions and concerns about your health, lifestyle, and oral hygiene.


Dental Insurance

A lot of insurances are valid at our clinic for our patients’ advantage. Make sure to give us a call at “office number” to see if we currently work with your insurance provider.

About Gentle Dental

Our team of Dentist Hackensack who are experts in their areas offers great quality dental services.

At Gentle Dental Service, Dr. Morcos and the team take an inclusive approach to oral health by both treating patients and educating them about oral care. We understand the importance of making sure our patients are comfortable at their visits with us. We listen to their concerns and needs.

This personal approach can be seen in everything we do from making an appointment to conducting an examination. We believe at Gentle Dental Servies that you deserve our undivided attention, time, and respect.

Discover The Dental Clinic

Our team of specialists advanced in their areas offers great quality dental services. Click below to see them in detail.

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Cosmetic Dental
Dental Implant
Teeth Whitening

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    Gentle Dental Service is located at 32 Anderson St, Hackensack, NJ

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    You can call our front desk at 1 201 457 10 10 , email us at or fill the Contact Form